Find Yourself First

Recent changes have occured. I’m no longer the person I was. My confidence is blooming, and I no longer feel like I have to depend on another person for my happiness. Being single is amazing, I’ve had time to finally find myself and figure out what I want to do and where I want to go. It’s given me some alone time.

Before being in a relationship, I thought I knew who i was, what I stood for, where I wanted to go. But after ending my relationship, I realised I was still growing. I’m 19, I wasn’t who I was going to be for life, I’ve got much to grow and become. That’s why now, I’m happy being single. I’m not searching for love, in fact, I’m currently trying to avoid it. It’s all about me for now. I want to discover myself, test myself and find who I really am. I understand that throughout life you still go through changes of who you are, but you always keep your core. I’m struggling to discover who I am down to my core.

I’ve become the girl with a vision again. I have aspirations, business ideas, ventures I’d love to go on. I don’t want to waste my life. I can again see where I want to end up in 10 years. Love seemed to blind all of that, I only looked into the present, when at my age I should try to have an idea of the future.

I guess I’m writing this to teach myself a lesson. Finding a relationship or love whilst I haven’t yet found myself is only going to end in a heated mess. You can’t dedicate yourself to someone else when you don’t even know how to dedicate yourself to yourself.

Stick to friends, family and character building.

-N xxxxxxxxx


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