What’s wrong with skin?

I’ve been asking myself this for a while now. You may not understand my question at first, but what is wrong with skin? Many women, like myself have been shamed by select persons, told to ‘put more clothes on’ or told ‘you can’t wear that’, ‘that photo looks slutty’, ect ect…

But why is a woman deemed a slut for showing cleavage or her legs or any part of her body she wishes? Back in the olden days, a slut was defined as a woman with lack of cleanliness or low standards. Based on the old definition, I do not see how wearing a lack of clothes would ever suggest someone is unclean or low with her standards. I for one have extremely high standards, and many times they come to bite me back in my arse. I won’t settle for anything less than what I believe I deserve, or in actual fact, more than I deserve in many cases. I bathe every day or even twice a day, take pride in my appearance, and although helping on a farm may be a dirt filled job, I never go elsewhere smelling of the farm. In other words my hygiene is in tact. So why do I get shamed for wearing a low cut top or a short skirt or even posting an underwear/bikini pic?

The more up to date definition of a slut is a woman who has many casual partners. And although the fact that women are called a slut for their amount of partners is a completely different issue alone, I refuse to see how even if a woman was walking around naked or posting nude Instagram selfies, would ever be deemed as a slut by definition. Showing your body, and taking pride and having confidence does not mean you are sleeping around.

Women should be encouraged to feel confident about their appearances and their bodies, as should men. But many times a man can post a photo in just their boxers and nobody would blink an eye. Yet a woman in her underwear is begging for attention, being a slut and has no self respect. I believe that women respect their bodies in many ways, and it doesn’t matter how much skin you are showing. We need to remove this stigma that women are easy or sluttier because of the skin they show. I look at women who wear revealing clothing or post revealing photos as confident, proud women. They’re not looking for attention, they’re not looking for anything. And they most definitely respect their bodies. A woman who did not respect her body would not take pride and be confident within it.

Many women and men go on and on about feminism/equality, yet would have the same reaction (as many do) to a woman posting a confident photo where yes maybe a little skin is shown. But I have to keep asking myself the question, what’s wrong with skin?

Showing skin does not mean you’re asking for sex, that you are unclean, that you are increasing your chances of rape, that you are attention seeking, that you have no respect, that you are lacking confident. In fact it is the opposite of all of those factors.

Stop body shaming. Stop it now.

And to all the women and men out there: Take pride, be confident, your body is yours to reveal or to not reveal. I am in no way saying confidence is based on how much skin you show. But I am saying that if you want to reveal your skin, do it and take pride. Our bodies are beautiful, we were born without clothes, only society says we should cover up. I say fuck society once and for all. Lets remove all these stigmas. Lets do what we want with our bodies and hopefully one day the stigma will be removed.




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